Never Lose a Sale Again: The Art of Automated Follow Up

Did you know that the Google search for: “The money is in the follow up” will bring you over 4 billion results? And it’s not just because it’s a popular saying – it’s because it’s true!

Woodpecker, a SaaS company that automates cold emails and follow-ups, studied their data and discovered that an email sequence with even ONE follow up converts 22% more prospects.

So the question is: do you follow up enough?

The research suggests that the answer is plain and simple: NO – we are not following up enough!

What are the main reasons for not following up? The two major ones you can probably relate to are:

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of inspiration to chase up people who seem to be unikely buyers right now

And I’m the same!
I feel like I sometimes have no time and no inspiration to follow up with people who don’t say ‘Yes!’ straight away.

The reality is that once you have a meeting, receive an enquiry on your website or email, or get a call from a prospect, we as sales people know what to do with those who say yes right away. But what about those who don’t buy right away? Our options are limited…

– We can assume they are not ready to buy right now, and put faith in the fact that they will not go to our competitors. They’ll simply reach out themselves when they do decide to buy

– We can chase up after them once or twice, get rejected each time because they “are not ready”, feel guilty for being an intrusion and give up all together

– Or lastly we can follow up regularly for weeks, months or even years until the prospect gets angry, or we lose our spirit from the regular rejection

None of these are ideal, and at each point in time, you’re at the risk of playing a game of Murphy’s Law – as soon as you stop following up, your prospect makes the decision they want to buy (and since you’re no longer at the forefront of their mind, they find a competitor instead!).

But there is one solution that trumps all the above options. And that is to use the power of email software to follow up your prospects after their initial contact with you. You can schedule in sequences that will continue to follow up not just for days and weeks, but for months and years. Especially if your products or services require a longer time to make a decision about, it’s still worthwhile to continue following up long-term, especially if you can automate it, right?

Here’s why this approach works:

– Automated email sequences are the perfect solution for any business owner: you simply create the content once, and let it run on autopilot…forever!

– The strategy works based on the same principles as newsletters which have been proven to work

– Because your follow ups are automated, you can forget about following up and only spend time on orders and responses that come in from your prospects.

– Your prospects are in full control, so you never have to feel guilty for annoying them. At any point in time, they can simply unsubscribe.

– You won’t feel bad for intruding on your prospects’ busy day – emails can be opened and read any time, as opposed to in-person visits or phone calls that have a time factor attached to them.

– Plus, you can stop feeling guilty for not following up…if that’s something you know you should be doing more of!

So, is this a solution for you? If you’re in business, the answer is YES!

And if you don’t have time to create your follow up email sequences, let us do it for you and you can be up and running in a matter of DAYS.

And we of course practice what we preach. Because of this solution, I’m super happy to stay in touch with countless prospects every single day because the emails are using the Set’n’Prosper approach and I no longer feel guilty if I miss a day following up, yet spend zero time doing so.

Our Set’n’Prosper service is exactly what it sounds like – we Set up your sequences, and you Prosper by servicing the orders that come in from your prospects! Find out more here.

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