How Many Follow Up Emails Is ‘Too Much’?

Did you know that big clothing brands send email promotions up to 4 times … a week?! Even for menswear!

In fact, maybe you are one of the recipients of their promotions.

And it doesn’t matter that you never open them … what matters are the reasons why you don’t unsubscribe. Everyone has their own reason and our experience shows that the most common reason is the hope of something great offered one day which you don’t want to miss.

Let’s pause for a moment. We are talking about men in business wanting to not miss a message from a clothing store. And how do I know that? From speaking to hundreds of people that agree!

In a world where many of us don’t unsubscribe from a clothing store’s newsletter promotions, I believe there are countless business people who will continue receiving emails about products and services they want or are considering or wish to explore further.

I absolutely do not suggest communicating with your prospects 4 times a week… unless you’re in a specific consumer product. Yet I do want you to consider some frequency of communication. Research shows that fortnightly is a good balance for B2B. Not too often, yet persistent enough to be at the forefront of a potential customer’s mind.

And here’s a few ways you can do this:

– Newsletters – update your prospects with news about your products or services on a regular basis

– Follow ups – sequences that go out to potential customers you have spoken to to stay at the forefront of their minds

– Sales-only updates – depending on your product, emails that update your contacts only when you have a discount on items they can buy

Check out our other blog posts to find out how you can set these up yourself, or if you don’t have the time to set these up, we can do it for you!

And the good news is: your competition simply won’t have the stamina to stay in touch at the same rate that we can help you with. Plus, you can expect the bottom line result to be an increase in sales, just like many of our customers have seen to date.

By Assia Salikhova
Managing Director, E-ideas Limited

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