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Email Automation Set'n'Prosper

Have you ever experienced any of the following?

  • Falling behind on communicating with your customers? You know what you should be doing, but don’t seem to have the time.
  • Not sure what to do next to grow your sales.
  • Wanting to cost-effectively outsource your marketing tasks, but don’t have the time to train your team?
  • Letting procrastination hold you back from selling more to existing and past customers?
  • Tiered from months of follow up when you know it might take months or years before they would buy?
  • Frustrated with your customers not knowing the range of your product offerings and missing on the opportunity to sell more?

Yes? Then you'll fall in love with Email Automation Solution Set'n'Prosper

So, what exactly is Set’n’Prosper?

It’s exactly as it sounds: we create and schedule email newsletters to go out for 12 months, so that you can focus on picking up new sales.

It is not about email marketing software because we can work with any you like! It is about content and delivery. Because we can use any email automation software.

Imagine the peace of mind you can have when pre-written, pre-set and pre-scheduled emails “happen” without you lifting a finger. Emails that don’t just follow up to save you time on phone calls, but also educate, inspire and spread awareness about your brand. What can be better?

How does it work?

Here is the simplest explanation

  1. First, we have a phone or Skype meeting to talk more about your business.
  2. Based on our conversation you receive a customised proposal for your approval and payment so we can get to work right away.
  3. In 7 days we get on another call to go over the full set of emails customized to your business including content and design.
  4. You then get 7 days to review everything you saw on the call that will be provided in an easy to follow Word document.
  5. Once approved, the set up is done by our team in the email marketing software of your choice. If you are not using one, we’ll recommend one for you.

And this is how you end up with pre-set 12 months of sales communication. We even schedule it all in so you don’t even have to push any buttons – you can spend your time doing what you do best: making more sales to people coming back to you as a result of these newsletters because they remember you!

Which ideas drive our newsletter-like email system?

  1. The money is in the follow up. So when you keep in touch with existing customers, they are more likely to buy again or recommend you to someone. Having an automated follow up system which operates in the background, educates and inspires prospects saves you time and is bound to bring you more sales.


  1. Keeping in touch is an essential part of customer care. But who has time to touch base with every company? Staying in touch on a regular basis creates additional rapport, keeps your company at the top of your customers’ minds and allows you to upsell them on additional products or services.


  1. Education about your products and services often leads to more sales to past customers. But who has time to educate every past customer? An automated newsletter which introduces one product or service at a time is an effortless way to sell more to people who already know you.


What does E-ideas do that sets us apart?

  • A Pragmatic Approach

While good content is important, the reality is that for the vast majority of businesses it’s not a deal breaker. What is key is making sure to actually stay in touch! Therefore, our focus is on making sure the system is set up. We keep the copywriting quite simple and that allows you to save on cost.

  • A Practical Solution

We’re not going to give you an email marketing strategy; we’re going to do it for you. Because at the end of the day if you’re not putting an idea into practice then it’s…well, pretty useless.

  • Proven Techniques

We’ve researched some simple yet effective techniques to make sure our solution will deliver results. These techniques are internationally proven to work, and we’ve proven them in NZ.

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