How to Sell More of Your Services to Past Clients…On Autopilot

It’s no secret that professional service companies usually tend to have clients that buy one service. This creates the biggest problem these companies face: their clients don’t really know what else they do, resulting in lost sales! And the company obviously wants sales, but wants to avoid being pushy, which results in a lack of communication.

Unfortunately, this means that clients end up reaching out to competitors for the same services they can get from a company they already purchased from, simply due to lack of knowledge.

The solution to this is simple: educate and communicate.

Professional service companies are actually in a very good position to both educate and communicate because they have a lot of information they can share with their clients. And even those that feel their services are a one-off purchase, selling more to existing customers should be seriously considered as doing so opens up enourmous potential.

So what is the secret to selling without selling?
How can you educate and communicate in a way that will ultimately result in sales or at least referrals?

Well, what if we told you that this can be easily done by sending a series of educational high-content emails to your past clients? In fact, what if you go one step further and automate the sending of these emails?

Would this save you time? Yes!

Would this give you an extra stream of prospecting to double your sales efforts without the need to hire a salesperson? Absolutely!

You might be thinking “Sounds good, but what would I email them about?”. Well, here’s a few ideas…

  • Education about the variety of your services. It’s likely that one cannot fully grasp the full range of what you can do from a single email or conversation. And sadly, this lack of knowledge is the number one reason people, and more importantly past custimers may not be buying more from you…sometimes opting to purchase from your competitors instead. Use a sequence of two, three, or even tens of emails to gradually educate your past clients about the extent of your services.

  • Similar to above, a full breakdown of one of your services. Take some time to explain each service you provide in a separate email and illustrate the benefits of it to clients. If you have the content, share a client success story to really drive the message home.

  • Interesting information about your industry – for example, sending a fun “Did You Know” Glossary where you have a chance to translate some of the industry terms. This email touch will also be the perfect opportunity to remind your recipients that you are open for business if they are ready for an expert to help them.

  • Education about when one needs your services, because people (both business and consumer) are sometimes not fully aware about their need for your type of service.

  • People buy from people they trust, and an email with testimonials from your customers is the perfect opportunity to do a soft-sell of your services without making you look pushy.

  •  Announcing a new addition to your list of services.

  • Updates about a recent press release, a launch or event you hosted or attended, or even a new social network you’re now active on. Any news is news-worthy when it comes to staying at the forefront of the minds of past customers.

And here’s the reason we say this should all be communicated through email:

Can you imagine how hard it would be to do all these things above in a short amount of time, by yourself, to each and every past customer you have had?
And even if you could, could you deliver this information effectively?

Sure, you can run a seminar or even a webinar to educate your customers. But do you have time to get it organised? And is anyone likely to attend?

We have found a solution which worked so well for us, we now offer it as a service to our clients, but you can just as easily do this yourself. Simply write a series of emails – the content for which can be written using the above bullet points as inspiration, and then use an email software to schedule these to be sent at the intervals you want.

Putting it all in writing might be a challenge and this is exactly what we can assist with. The whole process of Set’n’Prosper set up and delivery is simple and straightforward. You don’t need to do much except…review the emails once and then focus on fulfilling new orders as sales grow. The result of a system we set up for you to run on autopilot.

We all know that it’s easier to sell to existing customers, so let us help you do exactly that without taking too much of your time and effort.

Would you like to know more about how this can work for your company? Read more here.

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