About Us

E-ideas Limited is a boutique marketing implementation agency

In business since 2003, we help mainly B2B businesses to target, connect and follow up to increase the probability of sales by using a combination of proven offline and online direct marketing solutions.

B2B marketing requires knowledge, passion and innovation. We specialise in all of the above.​

What does all that mean for you?

  • Boutique means we create a special solution for you which is uniquely beneficial and profitable for your industry and your current situation
  • Marketing means that everything we do is related to delivering information about your company, product and service to the marketplace. Better yet, to special individuals in a highly targeted businesses, which are a tight fit to your ideal clientele
  • Implementation means we are not just talking about what to do, we can either consult and train your team on how to do it OR we can actually do it for you. Over the years we have created robust delivery mechanisms in the following three key areas. Our implementation methodology is all based on these three key areas: TARGET – CONNECT – FOLLOW UP

Target – from helping you to understand the shape and size of your target market to actual delivery of a list you can then use for a variety of direct marketing activities. We have a range of solutions that can help you to validate your business idea, grow your business and be realistic about your company’s growth potential. And of course, we offer data cleaning, data enrichment, and data analysis.

Connect – we can take it a step further and set appointments for you, prequalify your leads, or even do market validation. We are not an ordinary call centre and we make sure calling is an integral part of your sales process to maximise your result from a calling campaign.

Follow up – did you know that the money is in the follow up? We believe that it’s crucial to follow up especially since your competition is probably not doing so well in this area. Our Set-to-Prosper solution is perfect to create an email follow up using the power of automation, which instantly decreases the cost of follow up and increase the volume of sales. This is one solution we are passionately recommending to everyone regardless of what else you are doing.

The combination of these three leads to closing more sales.

While it’s common to believe that only 50% of advertising and marketing dollars produce results, we favour solutions which have a track record of being profitable.

Simple, robust, straightforward and profitable.
These are our criteria when we choose to recommend a solution for you.

Traditionally, 90% of our customers are based in Auckland. This is because we are the only specialised B2B marketing agency which actually owns a Marketing Database.

A bit about our database

whoiswhere is our marketing database for NZ and now Australia which we’ve built from scratch since 2005. Many ask us how we do it. There is no secret, just a lot of hard work, which by the way, you don’t have to do when you get a list from whoiswhere

  • We are walking the streets of NZ so you don’t have to
  • We are doing additional online research
  • And yes, we have people on the phone verifying company details for 8 hours every day so you get access to information which is correct and up to date (Disclaimer: we rely on honesty of business owners like you to verify information accurately)

Future of E-ideas

As we’ve developed our marketing services, we’ve seen a bigger need to face our clients. So, in 2019 we established an Auckland office to be able to provide a superior level of service and position ourselves for growth.

2020 will bring further changes as our marketing offering matures.

Are you a B2B business? Or maybe part of your business is B2B.

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