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Effective Sales Automation For Companies With Long Sales Cycles

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If you’re a company operating in the manufacturing or engineering sector, especially if you’re selling large and expensive pieces of plant and equipment, you’re probably all too familiar with the concept of the long sales cycle.

Companies with long sales cycles usually have a very high priced product or service and their clients can sometimes take months or years to find funding or free up finances from their spending budget in order to buy.

But a lot can change during such a long waiting time, and very often, the same client, having forgotten your name may turn to a competitor when they are finally ready to buy.

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Will Cold Calling Work for Your Business?

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You’ve probably come across evangelical articles heralding death to the phone. No more cold calling! No more calling at all in fact. It’s 2019: we’re in the age of the internet, inbound marketing, online lead generation and social selling. The phone has no place in this new age of sales and marketing.

Social Selling

6 Statistics You Need To Know About Social Selling

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Think about the last time a friend recommended something to you and bought it. Was it a restaurant? A book? A clothing store?

What about in business? When a fellow business owner recommends something, chances are, you’ll listen more closely, right?

Marketers always agree on one thing: people buy from the people they trust. Relationship building is one of the key steps in any sales process, because selling is that much easier once a relationship has been established. This entire process is known as ‘social selling’.

Email Automation

Are you sending too many emails?

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When it comes to sending emails to our list, we as business owners can be sceptical. After all, we ourselves are being sent numerous newsletters and updates from many different places and people. The sheer amount of it can be frustrating and we don’t want to feel guilty for adding to the same frustration of another person…much less, someone who might potentially be our client.