The Secret Trick Middle School Teachers Use That Can Help Businesses Sell MORE

We all know: repetition is one of the keys to success. In life and in business.

We relentlessly repeat things over and over again to our kids to help them grow. Teachers at school repeat themselves time and time again until students learn. In business we all know the value of repetition until the job is done well. And finally in life, advertisers are doing a great job of repetition. Attracting our attention to items we would otherwise never hear about or notice on the shelf.

So what about your products and services?

Are you repeating your story often enough to inspire more people to buy?

Are you sharing the benefits and the best ways to use your products or services?

Do you educate your market enough?

Or are you relying on the market to educate themselves, and possibly go to your competitor who took the time to explain their products and services?

Repetition is all about delivering the same message with the same goal in different ways to the same people.

Some companies will deliver this content through…

  • Billboards
  • TV ads
  • Newspaper ads
  • Magazine articles
  • Flyers
  • Coupons
  • TXT messages

…but the fastest, cheapest and least intrusive way to truly communicate your message and repeat it over and over again is…


Email is the salesperson’s holy grail of the 21st century. Ask any internet marketer or savvy business owner and they will tell you: the money is STILL in the list and email still works! The day email marketing dies will be the day people stop using their emails altogether.

And lucky for businesses who want more sales, repetition is so easy with email.

With email, you know you can repeat your offers, messages and content over and over again – until the recipient either buys from you or unsubscribes!

But repetition is not enough – the recipient must actually be open to your offer, right?
Email wins here again – by creating message sequences, never feel guilty again for intruding on someone’s day with your follow up! Because of the nature of email, they will read your email when THEY have the time, meaning they will be more receptive to your message.

No matter what business you are in, repetition works and it’s the true key to business success. I won’t say it’s the only key, yet it’s an important part of success. Those who communicate less can feel the consequences.

Be bold and different!

  • Choose to communicate…a lot more than once a quarter!
  • Choose to educate your market.
  • Choose to share case studies.
  • Most of all, if you want RESULTS but simply don’t have the time or knowledge about how to set everything up, choose Set’n’Prosper to help you! Spend next to no time on setting up your sales machine through follow up email sequences because the team at Set’n’Prosper will take good care of you and ensure everything is done and pre-set, so all that’s left for you to do is talk only to the people interested in what you have to offer. Find out more about Set’n’Prosper here.

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