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Will Cold Calling Work for Your Business?

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You’ve probably come across evangelical articles heralding death to the phone. No more cold calling! No more calling at all in fact. It’s 2019: we’re in the age of the internet, inbound marketing, online lead generation and social selling. The phone has no place in this new age of sales and marketing.

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Trade Show Season: Time to Spring Clean Your Customer Database

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Ahhhhhhh, can you smell that? It’s the smell of freshly printed brochures, stale muffins and opportunity.
Oooowh can you hear that? It’s the click-clack of booths being set up, banners erected and promotional pens being splayed across tables.
This can only mean one thing: a Trade Show is looming. For some, a trade show is a field of opportunities, for others it’s a money sink, and for others it’s an unavoidable evil in an otherwise perfect universe… Anyway, I digress.