8 Unbeatable Reasons to Participate in Trade Shows!

You’ve most likely seen some trade show stats in your lifetime. Heck, even I’ve seen a dozen or so articles with stats about trade shows. In compiling this list, we wanted to do something different.
The facts provide a “So What?”. This means each fact will come with some action point or idea of what this means for you as an exhibitor. By the end you’ll realise why trade shows are so popular and form the backbone of marketing for a lot of companies.

How to Efficiently Follow Up Trade Show Leads for Maximum Impact

Trade shows – the rush, the adrenaline, the leads! Oh, how many leads, and you somehow have to follow them all up.

I’ve been there, you spend months getting ready, making sure everything is just right. You’re at the show, chatting to prospects, collecting info, exchanging business cards, handing out candy. It’s an exciting and exhausting couple of days. By the end of it you just want to crawl in bed and do nothing. But alas, life isn’t fair. You have leads to follow up and hot prospects to close.

Trade Show Season: Time to Spring Clean Your Customer Database

Ahhhhhhh, can you smell that? It’s the smell of freshly printed brochures, stale muffins and opportunity.
Oooowh can you hear that? It’s the click-clack of booths being set up, banners erected and promotional pens being splayed across tables.
This can only mean one thing: a Trade Show is looming. For some, a trade show is a field of opportunities, for others it’s a money sink, and for others it’s an unavoidable evil in an otherwise perfect universe… Anyway, I digress.