New Beginnings: 1st of May 2017

Every day we get a chance to start something new. Starting a grand project is exciting. Every grand project starts from a small step. Sometimes this small step is the most difficult one.

It feels that the nature of this difficulty is elusive. How often did you know something needs to be done, something important, yet it gets buried under urgent, unimportant, sometimes pleasant or even unpleasant, routine activities? Everyday life takes its toll.

Today is a new day and a new opportunity to start a new grand project.

Our choice of project today is developing better communication at every level. Better communication within our team, with our past and present customers, with new people like yourself, with the world.

We’d absolutely love to hear from you now.

There are so many simple yet effective marketing strategies we can share with you. You will be able to implement some with ease yourself. Others will require a bit of help from us or someone else.

Starting something new is actually rewarding.
We are doing it. And you are invited too.

Get in touch with me personally on 04 973 4949 or

To Your Ultimate Success

Assia Salikhova, Managing Director,  E-ideas Limited

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