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Help great people like you to implement profitable marketing strategies you might already know
Go to smart ideas

smart ideas

First there is an idea. Then comes implementation, in this order. Together we can choose a very smart idea which is distinctively different, relevant to your industry, and most importantly matches your business aspirations. Lets talk.

Go to proven strategies

proven strategies

Back to basics is not just a saying, its the foundation of our approach. Even if you already have your basics established lets step them up to the next level. Working with companies of every size we’ve discovered that everyone needs a “back to basics” approach first.

Go to hands-off execution

hands-off execution

You’ve done your thinking when you choose us. Now it’s our turn. We choose to not bore you with many versions to review. Most of our clients value that after giving a ‘go ahead’ the next time we meet there is a near ready solution.

Go to robust process

robust process

Marketing is around 1% creativity, 9% testing and 90% repeating the winning action over and over again. That’s why good marketing is actually repetitive. Fortunately we can help set a process to reduce the human involvement in the repetitive 90%.

E-ideas Limited created NZ's largest B2B database whoiswhere

About Us

We work with businesses of all sizes to assist them with successful implementation of direct marketing and lead generation campaigns.
B2B marketing requires knowledge, passion and innovation.

Put simply, marketing is about testing new ideas and then magnifying those which perform best. It's that simple.

Our approach is based on proven fundamentals guaranteed to work for every business regardless of industry, product or service. The beauty of it, is that it just works.

Step 1. Identify your target market. Know it. Understand it. Measure it. Ownership of NZ's largest B2B dataset, whoiswhere, helps us and our clients to understand their B2B target market exceptionally well.

Step 2. Make yourself known. Our specialist B2B lead generation team can do it for you or your team can be trained in Cool Calling techniques.

Step 3. Communicate with passion. Discover an uncommon and very effective way to finally establish a 24/7 sales person. Even if you've heard about it before and it didn't work for you, we understand the key to making it succeed.

  • whoiswhere covers over 80% of urban businesses based in commercial premises

  • 71% success rate is our record result. Phone lead generation has two massive advantages over other LG approaches

  • There is a 75% chance that your data is desorganised, unformatted, and frankly, unuseable. We can help you regain control over your data

  • A 100% guarantee that we can create a smart idea that works for your situation

At your service with energy and enthusiasm

Assia Salikhova

Managing Director
From the Human Genome Project, to her own fashion label, to IT and Communications. Few people have a past as diverse and complex as E-ideas Managing Director Assia Salikhova. Since 2005 Assia is leading the development of NZ most verified B2B database whoiswhere™. Her passion is helping businesses of any size to succeed with B2B marketing through better understanding of targeting, smart presentation and the value of on-going communication.

Artem Axenov

Junior Operations Manager
Graduating from Victoria University of Wellington in 2015 with a Bachelor of Commerce Majoring in Management and Economics, Artem is now applying his knowledge of formal management in the running and growth of E-ideas Limited. Artem has been involved with E-ideas since he was a college student and has first-hand experience in every aspect of the data gathering and data maintenance processes.
Growing your sales is the ultimate goal of everything we do as marketers

Have you ever wanted to master the art of the phone conversation?